EG CrossWork animation

The power of storytelling

EG CrossWork explainer video

Turn knowledge from an expense to an income


Welcome EG CrossWork - an Intelligent knowledge management tool by one of the largest IT service providers in Denmark. EG CrossWork helps to automate processes,  organize and make information available across platforms.  

In collaboration with EG, Visuals developed an introductory explainer video presenting a platform that might change the way you work! 

The story builds around its customer, tired of the time - thief, that daily wastes her energy and makes work even more complicated. However, there is a way to make things different - with the superpowers of EG CrossWork platform! 

From complexity to simplicity


EG CrossWork is a multi solution platform that offers a wide range of choices and benefits. However, for most it might be a real challenge to present it in a short, but compelling way, that gives the whole understanding of the platform. To make things easier and more effective EG CrossWork animation comes in hand! Visual content breaks down complex official presentation and tells about the platform in a more comprehensive way. 

Superpowers of storytelling


So how did we manage that? The answer is simple - by using storytelling as the tool of power. A  duo of storytelling and animation helps to engage, connect and get heard among tons of textual content. It gives a different shape to products and concepts and at the same time transforms a dull presentation into an engaging story. And among bunch of other benefits, storytelling removes irrelevant details, enabling the communication of complex ideas in a simple way. 

We had the pleasure of working with Agne and Dite creating a new animation video. Throughout the process both girls acted very professional and were always responsive to our needs. They didn’t' just deliver the animation but also helped us define our prod
Christine Ambrosius -